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A new product for skin problems has been developed in United States, and it is called the Nerium AD. The product has been tested and proved to be natural in every form. Leaving out all the hype, here are some real facts about the anti-aging cream. Does it have special effects on it? Lets read more to know.

The special ingredient of this product is the Nerium ingredient, taken from the Nerium oleander plant. It has been proven by a scientist before, that this plant had some great effect on the skin. It was proposed that it could remove the wrinkle lines in a safe and natural way. The basic idea of developing this product is to make people look young.

The market price of the night cream is high. Probably, because of the natural ingredients present in it, and it sounds safe. Many people, who have been using this cream for a while, think that its worth the price. Furthermore, it has been sold with 30 days, guarantee money back. This makes it interesting for people.

The properties of the Nerium AD include ingredients of the Aloe Vera and Oleander plant. The end product has been named, NAE-8. This is basically an anti-aging night treatment cream. It enhances the skins texture. It called by many as a revolutionary treatment, but time can only tell whether it is one. The substances present in it, is supposed to nourish, soothe and moisturize skin. The hyper-pigmentation, enlarged pores and sun tans are visibly removed.

Normally, this treatment is mainly for the adults. The results differ with each person. Not all of them can see the result within a month. Although, the researchers have confirmed that this does not have any side effects, yet in some cases, it might cause irritation in few people. Stop using it, in that situation.

This skin care is basically for the night. It needs to be applied after washing the face with soap and water gently. Only a thin coating needs to be applied. The application can vary with the skin texture. Normally, only 2 to 4 pumps are used by a person.

The results of Nerium AD can only be seen after a month. Regular application of the night cream is necessary for better results. Since, it is a new product in the anti-aging market, more testimonies are needed from clients in order to determine its quality.

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